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Our team of Specialist Clinicians comprises Doctors, Surgeons, a Registered Nurse in Aesthetic Medicine and Beauty Therapist. Our skill places you in the safest of hands. We pride ourselves on our caring administrative staff and our beautiful premises. Our focus encompasses all things health and beauty. Just 2 minutes walk from Bondi Junction Westfield!

Women’s Health

Dr Rebecca Deans is a Gynaecologist covering general, paediatric and adolescent gynaecology, fertility-related problems including fertility preservation following cancer diagnosis, recurrent miscarriage, polycystic ovaries and premature ovarian failure.

Beauty Therapy

Maya Bilalis at Maya Medispa is committed to improve, enhance and correct your skin concerns with our non-invasive treatments. Whether it is a therapeutic massage you are after a luscious pedicure or an advanced skin care program, we are here to fulfil your aspiration.


Lisa Rush is an industryCosmetic Injectables expert providing anti-ageing treatments that combine different treatment modalities such as anti-wrinkle-injections, dermal fillers, and skin needling we are able to address a number of concerns as a result of the ageing process.

Plastic Surgery

Dr James Southwell-Keely is a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Sydney. Performing all cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures including breast augmentation and reconstruction, facelift, mummy makeovers, labiaplasty & rhinoplasty (nose job)

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Beauty & Injectables Services


Skin Consultation

A consultation will assist us in understanding your skins concerns and the contributing factors.

Recharge Peptide Plus TLC

A stimulating facial tailored to your skin concerns combined with a relaxing back massage to leave you refreshed and glowing inside and out.

Recharge Peptide Plus

A Nurturing facial combined with a herbal infusing mask to provide deep nourishing for skin that is clear, vibrant and healthy.

Recharge Peptide

A pampering facial tailored to your skin concerns, leaving skin refreshed and glowing.
from $180

Package – Face – Power of Two

We recommend a combination of medispa treatments with a spa facial treatment to dramatically enhance results. Combine two services for improved...
from $270

Package – Face – Power of Three

We recommend a combination of medispa treatments with a spa facial treatment to dramatically enhance results. Combine three services for maximum...

Intense Peptide

A stimulating facial combined with a highly concentrated chemical peel for intense skin repair, rehydration and rejuvenation.

Multifunctional Facial Peel

For treatment of deep lines, uneven skin tone. A monthly follow-up treatment. Can only be applied after a course of a weekly program.

Vitamin A Facial Peel

For treatment of deep lines and sun damaged skin.

Vitamin C Facial Peel

For a brighter complexion.

Hydrating Facial Peel

Renewing & hydrating peel for all skin types.

Rebalancing Facial Peel

Anti-inflammatory for skin prone to acne.
from $170

Package – Exfoliation and massage

Exfoliation and massage
from $70


Relaxing, detoxing or toning, all deliverd through our trained therapist so you can get your energy and vitality back.


Rediscover radiance, vitality and soft, silky, revitalised skin.
from $50

Manis and Pedis

Sit and relax while our experienced therapist brings back the beauty to your nails.
from $20


Waxing for all parts of the body and for both men and women.
from $30

Brows and Lashes

Brow – Shape $30.00 | Tint $20.00 | Combo $45.00. Lashes – Tint $30.00 | Brow $45.00 | Combo 65.00
from $65


RADIESSENCE Instant Self Tanning Mousse – the next generation in tanning technology for a perfect all-over professional tan.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen induction therapy is a proven anti-ageing, anti-acne, skin regeneration treatment which utilises the Dermastamp medical micro-needling...

Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections can help to prevent, and treat ‘dynamic lines’ which are caused in areas of the face where there is repeated...

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can address age-related volume loss, improve hydration, and enable the contours of the face to be enhanced and restored.
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Meet Our Experts

Dr James Southwell-Keely
Dr James Southwell-Keely
Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr Rebecca Deans
Dr Rebecca Deans
Maya Bilalis
Maya Bilalis
Beauty Therapist
Lisa Rush
Lisa Rush
Registered Nurse in Aesthetic Medicine

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