Medlab Series Medical Conference

When: 2-4th April 2018

Where: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Who attended: Woollahra Health & Beauty’s, Dr Rebecca Deans

Comments from Dr Rebecca Deans:

It was a coming together of lab science and clinical science. There were many streams held including a gynaecology stream. I attended sessions on Gynaecological oncology, looking at the HPV vaccine as an alternative/adjunct to the pap smear. This is something that has already been done in Australia, and the world is watching with regards to long-term results. This makes sense for low resource countries, where self-screening may come in and minimise the need to see a doctor for cervical screening.

I also attended an interesting session on genetics in endometrial (uterine) cancer. As this is a rapidly emerging component of cancer therapy, I felt that I needed to brush up on my knowledge in this area.

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