Our Services at Woollahra Health & Beauty

Together with my husband, Dr James Southwell Keeley, a plastic surgeon. We developed with our health and beauty as a group of medical specialists and practitioners. We focus on the health and beauty of the local community. We are a family of medical specialists, a psychologist, a beauty therapist, and a nurse practitioner.

Our logo represents all that we stand for at Woollahra Health and Beauty because we believe that the healthy mind, body, and soul is the key to life’s natural balance.

My name is James Southwell-Keely, I’m a plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon at Woollahra Health and Beauty. I trained for many years to achieve these titles in this position at the hospitals, St Vincent’s Hospital, and here in this practice, you’ll see all of those at work.

I normally get Ultraformer 3 from Lisa, that works really well with my skin. I love it looking younger, so thank you Lisa, and will there I helped him, but I believe that when you take care of yourself, that it helps me to better take care of my family and my work. And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?


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